Sunday, January 13, 2008

Redux, redo ..

It seems somehow fitting that the last thing I tried to knit in 2007 had to be ripped out and redone in 2007.

I did two nice-sized gauge swatches, really thought that a #4 US (rather than the pattern's specified #3) would do it, but no: after about 3" I could tell that the Béret Gaufré was going to be tooooo (large. I had to rip it all the way to the cast-on, then did it again. I've not quite made it as far as I was before, so can't check the size yet, but I'm hopeful.

I love berets. They're really the only hat I look good in. I am using Sundara's worsted merino, and I had almost forgotten how luxurious it feels to knit with a really high-end, sproingy merino. My fingers are happy despite the small needle size and tight work (you knit the Béret Gaufré extra-tight, which adds some rigidity).

Meanwhile, my feet were cold, so I decided to make a new pair of Rick's Socks. I don't usually feel like knitting a pattern I've knitted before, but this was the first pair of socks I ever made, and it's a nice fast comfy worsted-weight sock that calls for Paton's Merino. Since you can buy Paton's Merino in places like Michael's, I have a small stash of it around at all times. For this sock I use US #6 dpns. I knit these with short cuffs because they're meant as house socks and I like them that way, so I nearly got two socks out of 1 skein (just used a few yards of the 2nd skein). I don't really like purple that much, but it was that or some dreadful Pepto-Bismol pink (I must have planned some kind of multicolored, possibly felted, project at some point), so purple it was. For home that's not too bad.

I started these on Thursday night and finished them Saturday, which was good because I broke one of my little toes (just a tiny hairline fracture) on Saturday, and shoes hurt. At least around the house I can avoid shoes and just wear my new socks and keep my feets warm.

The color in the first image above is closest to correct.)

Finally, for your amusement, a label.

Please do not use it near the thing of the curtain.


trek said...

Sorry about the toes. Socks look good, though.

And I've seen much better translations from the Google translation tool page.

Earin Marybird said...

Poor toes. I hope you can wear shoes comfortably again soon. I love translated labels. I used to have a food product that said to stir until the noodles were happy.

Kraftie said...

YAY for new socks! Too bad you broke your toe though. Hope it feels better soon. :)

Sigga Sif said...

That label is hilarious! So what on earth were the instructions for? I have no idea whatsoever, but it sounds intriguing!

I like your purple socks. I'm in a worsted sock period at the moment. Warm and cozy feet are the best.