Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Not quite.

Well, I tried again on the sleeve, adding four extra rows, but it's still not quite right. And then I suddenly realized why it wasn't right.

There are three reasons, and they have nothing to do with the pattern!

One, I am not getting row gauge. I knew this, but let myself forget how it might affect the sleeves. I am getting many more rows per inch than specified (even though this is Sublime yarn and a Sublime pattern and all that). I adjusted the main body of the garment, but not the sleeves.

Two, I forgot and used the wrong size needles on the whole sleeve. I used size US#3 for the garter stitch and then forgot to swap back to #5s.

Three, I get tighter gauge in the round, so I should be using #4s and #6s.

I mean, ya know. Like. Duh.

I have started again (actually started again twice — first time I accidentally started with #6s and switched to #4s. WHERE IS MY BRAIN?).

In another batch of not-quiteism, I think I mentioned I was working on the socks with Ashley's handspun when I realized two things (I'm into counting today):

One, 80 stitches was way too much. Even with #0 needles my gauge ain't that high.
Two, this boring ol' rib wasn't doing Ashley's lovely handspun justice.

I mean, if you're going to knit with handspun it should be special. So I pored through my books and have cast on for Nancy Bush's "Conwy."

I think this is going to be better.


sue said...

Oh thank goodness you got that sorted out. I was worried you were going to have rip it all out. Love the sock, arent Nancy Bush's patterns some of the best to knit.

jae said...

oh good! Im glad you figured this out.

Julie said...

Ugh, I hate when it's my fault and not the pattern's :-)

Kelly said...

Yeah you never think about row gauge most of the time. But handspun sock yarn? You're so lucky!