Sunday, June 28, 2009

You are the proud mother of... fraternal twins!

These guys are seriously fraternal:

And I don't mind a bit. I love them. They are absolutely gorgeous. I was feeling a little badly that I hadn't made a shoulder shawl with this lovely yarn, but the honest truth is that I won't use a small shawl (there's not enough yarn for a big one), and I will use and enjoy the hell out of these socks. They are beeeeeyewtiful. I don't know which one I like best. I like them both best.

There's quite a lot of yarn left — actually about 30g:

My friend Yvonne (who's visiting from Australia) suggested I make a third sock and see how it comes out... I nearly have enough for that. (But not quite; I used 85g for these two.)


Johanna said...

These are really pretty! I kind of love how they are different. I haven't knitted socks for ages, maybe it's time for a pair again.

.: tani :. said...

what cute socks! you can't let the leftovers go to waste - make fraternal anklets too!

Jen said...

Valerie, those are beautiful! Nice job!

Kelly said...

The joys of knitting with handspun. Those socks are cool, even if they are fraternal!

JustJen said...

Now THOSE are fun socks! I like how the pattern doesn't overwhelm the yarn, and the yarn doesn't overwhelm the pattern.

trek said...

Sometimes twins are fraternal and it is better to accept that and move on.

:: says the anal-rententive knitter ::

Seriously, though, they are done, move on. Knit a Sockie from the leftovers and hang it from a wee little hook and call it cute.