Sunday, March 25, 2012

Heading towards the finish line!

I thought I blogged before I went out of town on a trip, but I realize now that I didn't, so sorry for the long gap. But that long gap yielded some results!

This little puppy is all ready for blocking, then buttons — ends are sewn in and everything!

And this one just needs one cuff sewn in and it, too, hops into the blocking bath:

And check this out — this silly star blanket I started about 4 years ago for a baby that is never going to get it now :-) – it's now planned for my cousin's child, due next month. The blanket portion is finally done!

I was dreading knitting the miles and miles of lace edging that have to go around this — and I know I'm going to hate sewing it on, especially since I forgot to slip the stitch at the start of every row on the main blanket, so it won't match up for mattress stitch. But once I started knitting the lace, I just fell in love. Even with all the lifelines, you can see it's going to be just spectacular!

That's the news from this end of the knitting universe. How are you all?

1 comment:

Jen said...

That blanket is going to be gorgeous!

It's good to see some of your knitting, it's been a while. Don't fret about how long the lace edging will take, it will quickly turn into nearly mindless knitting and go faster than you think. :)