Sunday, April 13, 2014

Finally this little bear cub has buttons!

I've been working on this little bear cub cardigan for a year now. I meant it for my husband's cousin, but Toby has now grown too big for this to fit, so I will find another toddler on whom to bestow it. This was fiddly to knit, and I had to talk myself through the colorwork (which I still don't love) and the confusing ears (which turn out to do a great job of standing up by themselves, but I had no idea what I was doing during the knitting and various sewing parts!). And then I had to sew on the pockets. Finally, I had to get the buttons selected, purchased, and sewn on. I can be SO lazy.

I used a half-acrylic, half-wool yarn for this, Filati's Oslo, and I really enjoyed working with it. Has the feel of a soft, high-quality yarn, but the acrylic adds washability and durability which is a must in a child's garment. I liked the nature-oriented color selection too. It's saturated without being garish, and it's a bit different than the usual child's primaries or pastels.

I selected orange buttons for this, and I'm happy with them. They have a small toggle-closure motif, which didn't particularly capture me, but the color is perfect, and they're washable (again, super important in a child's garment).

I have a bag where I put finished objects for which I haven't yet got a recipient selected. I'll put this in there along with the green socks I posted a couple weeks back. Yes, I know I could frog back the socks, stop the pattern earlier and close off the toes, but it wouldn't have the graceful pattern ending it does now, and I'm lazy. I think I could make a new pair of socks just as fast :-)

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Earin P said...

Valerie, I've been trying to reach you - your grasslimb account bounces so I left a message on Ravelry and here. I will send a letter if this doesn't get a reply.