Saturday, April 12, 2014

Finished some secret yarnination!

Happy to finally have these done so that I can show you. These are the Wood Elves Gloves I knit for my friend Nikki (of Everything and the Kitchen Sink podcast fame). They're knit in some lovely Sundara sock yarn in colorway "Cedars" which I adore. The yarn itself is so soft and squishy (washable merino) and the colors are so perfectly woodland.

I enjoyed this knit, but the pattern has a lot of errors. Some are translation errors (I think), but some are just error errors. I need to try to write them all up for my Ravelry notes. If you can work past the errors, the knitting is quite pleasant and the pattern very satisfying. I particularly like the unusual slip-stitch ribbing and the way the motif angles up the back of the hand.

The pattern is for full gloves, but I made half-fingers, as you see. I tried to calculate them so they'd hit just under the first knuckle of a normal length woman's finger (my fingers are quite short) and I think I did all right. Each fingers is a slightly different length for this reason.

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