Sunday, April 27, 2014

Waiting room knitting

These aren't going to be socks to wear in waiting rooms — they are socks to knit there.

I spend at least an hour a week at a doctor's office (at minimum, allergy shots). Waiting room knitting requires fairly simple projects that meet these criteria:
  1. Don't need me to keep track of where I am in a complex pattern
  2. Can be interrupted and set down at any point by the nurse calling me
  3. Don't take up too much space (elbow room can be at a premium)
  4. Are quite washable (you know. Because yuck.)
I recently finished the simple lace scarf that was my go-to, so even though I had 12 (count 'em!) other things on the needles, I started these socks last week. Why two at once? Because when I get to the gusset, I have to think, and so I saved the gusset on the first sock for the weekend and started a fresh sock. Fortunately I have a bunch of size 0 DPNs!

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