Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm in love with Leland!

The sweater, not the goat. Though I've no doubt I'd be in love with the goat, too, if I met him!

Here he is, blocked:

I particularly love the buttons. I know they don't quite match, but the thing is, they look kind of 1950s, and the yarn I used kind of reminds me of 1950s' dads' sweaters. (Yes, I do think that apostrophe is in the right place. I thought long and hard about it.)

This --> is my favorite picture of the mess I took this morning. It's really hard to take pictures of yourself. I set the camera up on a tissue box on the sink, pointing out the back sliding door, and propped up slightly on a broken twig of wicker I found lying around (because the end of the camera has a rubber bit on it that makes it not lie flat). It got really confused (the camera, not the wicker) by the lighting outside and took this picture with flash, which washed it out, but took the others without, which was mysterious. And too dark. Also this picture is better because it has a kitty in it.

<-- This picture is probably the most accurate, but it doesn't have a kitty in it.

Overall, I'm thrilled. Because of my gauge sloppiness and the extra 4", it doesn't have the neat, trim fit I (and the designer) intended, but I think it looks perfectly fine.

If I made it again, I'd 1) knit to gauge, 2) make the arms shorter — I have shrimpy arms, and 3) increase the waist shaping.

But I do love it, very very much. And it's warm and cozy. And it only used $10' worth of wool.

Oh, I am so very happy today.


Laura B said...

Very nice! I love the buttons too!

Anonymous said...

OMG - that's gotta be the best $10 sweater I've ever seen! Seriously, it is beautiful. Nice job.

Alyson said...

Love eet! And it looks great on! (I agree about the 50's dad sweater...but in a hip way, not in a musty "do I smell mothballs" kind of way.) I dig it!!

Jen said...

Great sweater - but I love the buttons even more, they're gorgeous!

Gina said...

That really did turn out nice. I love the buttons.

trek said...

Very economical happiness there - esp when you calculate the $ per entertainment hour of the actual knitting!

Ashley said...

Very nice!

April said...

Leland loves you too, he told me tonight.

I think the sweater looks fantastic, especially the collar. Talent, thy name is Valerie.

Pearls Mother said...

The leland sweater is gorgeous,
love the photo of you and kitty.

Kelly said...

The sweater is gorgeous. I have problems with gauge myself. Given that you spent less than $10 bucks for a whole sweater, I'd say you're having a very good day today.

Earin Marybird said...

Such a pretty sweater and a great cat! Oh, the joys of photographing yourself. Nice job Valerie!