Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ooh ooh lookie what I got!

If you haven't read Alyson's blog, you really should. Because she's funny as hell, her blog is called "terribleknitknit," and she posts hilarious pictures of her boyfriend, for one thing. Well, I guess that's two things. Er, three. Having a little trouble counting today.

But she also has great taste in movies, and I found this out when I won her little contest to guess why she named her new spinning wheel SanDeE*. (And no, that's not an indication of a footnote, so don't bother looking.) The way fab prize? 50 gm of her gorgeous sockweight. Check this out, merino and firestar. There is no way this picture can do justice to her great spinning, so check out the other pictures on her blog.

This picture sucks, but the yarn, and the comic card that cracked me up, do not. I am thrilled with the prize. THANK YOU ALYSON!

Happy Thanksgiving to the Yankees amongst ya. I'm off to Los Angeles tomorrow, where my aunt and mom are creating a Thanksgiving around my grandmother, which is cool. Just there for the day, then back here. If I'm really lucky, Rob will drive and I can knit some more on the way up :-)

Whether you're a damn Yankee or no, have a lovely Thursday.


Anonymous said...

and....why did she call her spinning wheel SanDeE?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, please explain. I guess I could read through her whole blog but I can't be bothered. :)

Elinoire said...

I'm a little surprised that everyone doesn't know that... but maybe everyone doesn't live in Southern California. I will let Valerie reveal the answer. :-)