Saturday, November 25, 2006

Nothing like the present

I got YET ANOTHER prezzie in the mail.. more about that in one sec, but first, sheesh, guys, do I have to spell it out for you? Watch the durn movie!

{sigh} okay. SanDeE* (with a star at the end) is the creatively-capitalized name of Sarah Jessica Parker's character in LA Story. But seriously. Watch the movie. Because if you don't, you will probably never get another chance to watch Steve Martin roller-skate through the LA County Museum of Art.

Man, I want to do that. But of course I can't roller-skate worth a darn and would probably crash into a $1,000,000 statue and destroy it.

So... my poor Tea Swap pal was ill for a while, and so my gift was late. But check it out. Can you say "worth the wait and then some"?

The pretty foreign stamps were my first clue and treat, as I love stamps. Then I opened the box, from Ket, my fabulous Tea Swap Pal, and found these incredible goodies.

There's a beautiful card from Ket, explaining some of the gifts. She sent some wool yarn from her mother's sheep!

She also sent tea (of course!) — but not just any tea. Its name translates to "heavenly good" and I wish I could put smells on the Internet, because wow!!!!! It lives up to its name. I have water boiling right now.

I also got candy — little marshmallow cars. Too cute. Who told Ket I love marshmallow? And pretty knitting cards. And wool fat soap (mmm, nice for sore hands).

I tried to take a close-up picture of the little marshmallow cars, but my camera didn't cooperate. Still, they are darling and yummy!

Anyway, Ket, you rock, and I'm sorry I complained about you being late. Oh me of little faith. I'm thrilled.


trek said...

nice score!

Melinda said...

I love woolfat soap. It smells so nice. And isn't it great when you know something about the sheep that contributed to your yarn? (This is why spinning is fun...we'll suck you in yet.)

Earin Marybird said...

Let's see...A, um B, okay, yeah, you had to spell it out. I remember the roller skating. That was cool, and the part where he is feeling her up and says, "your breasts feel weird." and she answers, "that's because they're real..." as she went twirling off.

I've waited two weeks for my SP9 to blog about my gift. I don't think it's going to happen. She did thank me personally though.

Watch out for those spinners. - )

Mangonel said...

Well I loved LA Story. It's a shame that the marriage it celebrated wasn't nearly as successful as the movie! SanDeE* is one of my favourite characters, along with the Marilu Henner one. Didn't like the talking roadsign though.

Dunno that we here in the UK ever got over Kaffe Fassett. I personally don't see the need to . . . but you have inspired me to get my needles out again, and check my boxes of yarn for moths. Golly, now I'm living bits of Patroclus's life (of course it would be the unnecessary insect bits, not the hunky boyfriend bits, but maybe one thing will lead to another . . .).

Ketutar said...

Well... I WAS late. And it IS awful to wait and wait and wait and...

I'm really happy you like the outcome :-)


P.S. LA Story is one of my favorite movies. I especially love the part when they walk in the park and the lions bow their heads. And I love the end.

April said...

Hmm, I wonder if LA Story is on my stupid Comcast ON DEMAND.

I watched "84 Charing Cross Road" last night. *Sniffle*

I wish I had something original to say about marshmallow cars but I don't so just pretend I did.

Elinoire said...

What an amazing package to get in the mail! You lucky thing, you. :-) (Oh, and your scarf is STUNNING and I think you should just wear it to show off.)

yarnmaniac said...

How cool she sent you wool from her mother's sheep!!!! That's a winner, for sure. I love LA Story, too, or anything with Steve Martin, for that matter.