Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Back from Tempe, AZ

I spent a few days at a great work-related conference in Tempe, AZ and now I'm back, having shopped at a couple of yarn stores while I was there — Tempe Yarn and Fibers and Knitting in Scottsdale. Both have great, friendly staff members and a decent selection — Tempe Y&F in particular has gotten better and better over time.

I bought Cascade 220 Superwash for a bright pink Starsky Jr. for my niece (probably for this coming winter, not for now), some lovely soft Plymouth Baby Alpaca worsted for some Handsome Mittens for a friend (you'll see pics soon), some Filatura di Crosa extrafine merino in a tweedy black and white for, I think, a Sweet Honey Beret, and finally some of the Kaffe Fassett Regia in "Clay" for some brightly colored socks for ME. memememe, my favorite person to knit for (I know, sad).

I have some stored-up old photos I have to show you later this week or next, but in the meantime here is some of what I'm up to right now.

Yep. I started another pullover for Rob. I am just so mad at the colorwork one right now I can't even swatch the new yarn I bought (in a different dye lot) to see if it'll have a hope of working. I'm vaguely grumpy at the designer, because the measurements DO match the schematic and there's still nowhere near enough yardage called for. Worse, though Rob does have gorilla arms, these aren't even close. I think as designed they'd be 4" too short. So, ya know. It is in the bag until I am ready to face it. Meanwhile I started Ann Budd's Old Way Gansey for Rob. The yarn, from Webs, is this decadent Shepherd 12-ply 100% Lambswool Felted (don't be fooled, it's 16.5sts=4", not bulky weight) in Bark, a lovely rich brown. So far it's just easy peasy stockinette. I did a nice fat tubular cast-on because I wanted a more elastic bottom, plus I wanted to play with tubular cast-ons. They are fun. Spring spring spring!

And then there is this:
Okay, it's not new. I started this poor Reversai in MAY 2008. I mislaid the pattern at some point and wasn't sure where I was, so I stopped. Then I found it and the tape had fallen off so I still wasn't sure. Finally I realized you can just read the pattern and figure it out, so I did. I may have made one or two errors but I'm not very picky, these are for me to wear to work, so I am ignoring that and keeping on :-)

Like Dave, I'm doing UnReversais. I'm doing the heel as written, which is dumb because I know it won't fit me. I need a 60% heel when doing short-row heels, at least, not a 50%. But I just felt stubborn so I did it that way anyway. I may have a little bunching in front of the ankle. Weirdly, I don't care. I'm doing a French Toe because I am lazy and it fits me well. I may actually finish this sock and start the next one.. but don't hold your breath.

Gotta say, LOVING that Maizy yarn. It's incredibly soft and my feet are happy every time I try it on. I think I may have to make more socks in this stuff, even though it's splitty. It's worth the splittiness.


.: tani :. said...

good haul! it's always nice to visit the lys's on vacation, isn't it? 90% of the time i leave with sock yarn to commemorate the occassion.

btw, the reversai sock is pretty awesome looking. i stopped and stared at it for awhile when i first scanned your blog. you really SHOULD tough it out and knit the second one!

jae said...

that sock is so good-looking....keep at it.