Saturday, February 07, 2009

A new post and it's only been four days!

Heck, I have photos enough saved up for about 5 posts. I think that's often what slows me down from posting — I don't have any pictures of what I'm up to. But now I have too many...

I finally, finally, FINALLY finished Madeleine on Weds., and posted it to England. It's five months late, and I hope it'll fit the little girl it's meant for. If not, I'll make her a new item and treat this as a learning experience: If you hate sewing on buttons with i-cord loops, don't put them in your garment design. I finished knitting this months ago. It was frustration with the dratted buttons and i-cord loops, which kept coming out and going on wrong, that made this take forever.

Whatever I have learned, I have not learned to sew in labels neatly. I really do try. I don't know why they give me so much trouble.

My cat really wanted to get into the photo shoot, so I'm indulging her.

I'm happy with many things about this design, but I also think I'll be changing it some as I try to make the pattern more generic and write it up. I don't think I'll stay with this "Madeline" style of button (it was originally inspired by the Madeline series of books, though I can't find a picture of her actually wearing this style of button-across button, so it may not have been from there in the first place). My aunt warned me it would break up the line of the garment, and though I still think it's kind of cool, I might pick something else — ties, or edge buttons, or who knows what.

Ideas welcome!

On another note, I know I said a few posts ago that I'd award a new knitting magazine to someone who guessed (not correctly, just guessed) what my rainbow splotches were from cooking (they were, by the way, sugar icing from marbled cookies — just powdered sugar mixed with rice milk and food coloring). The winner according to is Johanna, so I'll be contacting her for an address to send on her magazine.


Earin Marybird said...

Madeline is just adorable. I like the buttons a lot. Isn't it wonderful to finish things? Good for you!

I'm glad to see you post again so soon.

jae said...

Isnt that funny how cats are always so nosey...and always right in the thick of things. that is an adorable sweater, i like the length of it.