Sunday, February 22, 2009

I do not have second sock syndrome!

I do have a bad cold that has kept me down for several days now. Much of the time I was too tired to knit (I've actually been staying in bed until midday, which if you know me is just wacky!), but some of it I wasn't:

Gotta love those great Sundara color blends. I tend to wash all my handmade wool socks by hand, even the superwash ones, dunno why, so I hope this will wear well. Then again I have a bad habit of going outside in them and tromping around on the bricks and concrete, which is probably harder on them than machine washing...

And this isn't very exciting to look at, but hey, I found my other skein of Maizy! I really, really like the results with this yarn. They use an interesting twist that, as a non-spinner, I don't know how to describe — it has thicker and thinner bits, but it's very even. You'd think it was a chainette if you didn't look closely. Maybe it's two two-ply pieces plied together. Anyway, it's not easy to work with — it is splitty — but the resulting fabric is beyond nice. It's outstanding. I think the effort will be worth it for socks that I expect to wear all the time to work.

I'm trying to pull out my in-progress and abandoned projects and complete or toss them, one by one. It took me about a half-hour to determine where I was on this lovely cabled sweater, made with the Elann Quechua (alpaca and tencel — it just glows) I got with a gift certificate from the wonderful April. There is so little left to go — finish the V-neck/armhole on the right front, then seam, add a collar, and set in the sleeves (though the sleeves may need length-adjusting — we'll see). And I could really use this cardi for work.

Making progress.. on the cardi if not the cold!

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Earin Marybird said...

You are being an inspiration with plowing through your UFO's. Send that energy up here and get better soon!