Friday, February 27, 2009

I finish things. (Unless they're illness, apparently.)

I had just gotten over my flareup of the bacterial infection when I got a cold, and then of course the bacterial infection flared up again. So I've been home off and on and packing away the prescription medications. I've been too ill to knit very fast, but I have been knitting some, and I have been finishing things! For example:

My poor mom's socks, started July 2007 — all they needed was Kitchenering, if you can believe it. These look a little long because my mom wears a larger size than I do. These are in April's least favorite sock yarn — Cascade Fixation. I can understand not loving it, but it's really practical when you live in San Diego and can't wear merino year-round.

Then there's some merino — Sundara merino sock yarn, to be exact, in Bloodstone:

These ones are for me. I am still far from having enough handmade socks, though you wouldn't think so given my recent activity.

So the reason it looks like I have MORE WIPs than I did before — despite this bout of finishitis — is that I'm finally going through my blog and putting all my old projects into Ravelry. (I've just finished 2006, so I have a couple of years more to check through.) As I do this, I'm discovering some old WIPs that I'd kind of forgotten about. Hopefully this will inspire me to pick up the needles and finish!


.: tani :. said...

2007? i know how you feel. but hooray for finished projects!

i hope you're feeling better. i'll send anti-bacterial vibes your way!!

Sarah-potterknitter said...

Those look warm and cushy, keep them on until spring!

Earin Marybird said...

I love Sundara's Bloodstone. Congrats for finishing up things!

April said...

I hope you washed your hands really well after knitting with that Fixation. Regardless, those are some fine lookin' socks you've got there!

trek said...

It's unreasonable April's hatred of the Fixation.

The Fixation is very good for Neatnik socks, gym socks, and socks for warm climes, like your mom's.