Thursday, January 18, 2007

A few things are clear...

I mean, aside from the poor state of my cuticles:

1) My cast-off looseness varies from day to day. (That is, I'm a loose woman, but there's no guaranteeing just how loose. ;-) )

2) Wool gloves are warm. Yay!

3) There is no way these gloves are going to fit the man they're intended for (my cousin's husband). He has very slender hands, and these are baggy even on me, thus ensuring that...

4) There is no way these gloves are going to fit me, either.

Will I frog?
Will I finish the other glove?
We'll see.
Will I do the mitten tops?

But I figure they'll fit someone, someday, and meantime I'm enjoying the knit too much to stop. There is nothing quite so cute and baby-porcupine-like as knitting the fingers on this thing, with two needles holding stitches, three more around the finger on which I'm working, and a sixth in my hand. Pokey!


Anonymous said...

When I did my first fingerless glove, I left the stitches not in use on needles and it was so cumbersome. When I did the second glove, I put the stitches not in use on scrap yarn and what a difference that made!

Your glove looks great and I definitely think you should do the other one - there has to be someone you can gift them to. Besides, that glove will be lonely if you don't make a mate for it :)

April said...

I often wondered how one knitted fingers. From the sounds of it, it would likely drive me even more insane than I already am. Regardless, yours are very lovely. :)

Earin Marybird said...

I like Julie's tip of using scrap yarn. I get so convoluted with all those dpn's (and the cats who love them). You'll find the perfect person to gift.

.: tani :. said...

it doesn't look too loose! of course these days, it's not about perfection for me. i am just enjoying the experience of knitting. so i say, keep on keepin on if your are having a good time with these ones...

Elinoire said...

Hey, at least *your* cuticles aren't *bleeding*. I've really got to stop picking at mine.

To much information? Sorry about that.

That almost-glove looks nice and toasty. Mmm, warm hands.