Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So expensive. So worth it.

I've been swatching, as you know, for the Big Star cardigan.

And I just haven't been all that happy. Okay, it's cotton/linen, which sucks to knit. And I could come sort of close to gauge. Somewhere in the neighborhood, ya know. But I tried two different needle sizes and was still not quite there. And I didn't like the way the needle slipped through the fabric. I was using my Inox circs, which I normally love. I wasn't dropping stitches. But something made me think the needle was just... too slippy. Because the gauge swatch was just...
too sloppy.

I had a yen.
For wood.

Now I hate bamboo needles. Sometimes when I've needed more grip, I've actually used the Susan Bates colored aluminum needles, but that just didn't seem quite right for this. So what?

Ah. I heard the siren song of Lantern Moon.

US #6 24" ebony circs. Not so hot for the star stitch, I have to admit; not pointy enough. I'll probably still use the Inox for that bit. But all of a sudden, I've got gauge, I've got a nice firm fabric with decent drape and no slop, and it feels fabulous to knit. $23, which feels insane, but worth every darn penny.


Jen said...

I haven't found it in me to spend the money on Lantern Moons, but it's like me with the DPNs for socks - the right needles can make all the difference!

Earin Marybird said...

I love the LM's but they are just so pricy. With a dog who still chews whatever he can snag I haven't dared buy them (yet - I yearn though). I'm just learning that different yarns call for different needles.

PS - I'm still a cheating woman. One of the cats took over the somewhat cowl tonight as I picked up stitches so I jumped at the chance to keep working on the rib and cable mitts. I'm using Classic Elite Waterlily - extra fine merino. Just wonderful stuff and knitting up fast even on size 2's. Having knitted them before is really helping.

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting the Lantern Moon's, but can't seem to let myself spend the money :(

The right needle really does make a difference.

.: tani :. said...

my ebony dpns are my favorite, too! they are worth it...