Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's sort of still Tuesday

I said I'd post today, but it's been busy. I had band practice tonight, which went really well (lots of new stuff! I love that), and then I had a bit more work to do. Covering (to some extent) for four people at work is a bit crazed, though I am still enjoying my job. It'll just be more or less frantic for about three months.

I started this Broad Street Glove on New Year's Eve weekend, amid the melée of house guests (I don't think I entirely exaggerate. Ok, well, maybe I do). It didn't get past the wrist until this past weekend, though.

It's now humming along. If it works out, I think I'll make three pair — two for the folks whose wedding gift they're destined to be, and one for me! Yet another use for sock yarn.

And remember this? Remember how I said I had to frog back to the turn because I didn't have enough yarn?

It's been turned into this:

Not the color change — I photog'd this last at night, crap lighting. Just the horrible shrinkage in rows. I frogged 1.5 balls of yarn, out of 2 knit. That hurt, but at least it's done.

I find this type of frog needs a good night's sleep before contemplating. Then a deep breath. After it's over, it doesn't feel so bad. Let's hope I get the math right this time!


Loganoc said...

My god Valerie, your knitting speed is incredible. I was thinking of making the Broad Street Mittens, and combining them with the "we call them pirates" skull pattern. I'll just have to calculate if it will work... I have some funky black and red lurex yarn, yay!

karenalien said...

One day, oh, several FO's ago, Jim looked up at the screen, and in his fake drawl said: "She needs to slow daa-ooown"

trek said...

Looking good there.
I'm amazed at how quickly my mittens are going. Of course, they are only about half as big as a pair of socks and knit on larger needles, but still/