Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ting stmiccture.

I had sworn to myself that I would not allow this month's credit card balance to go over a certain amount (I do pay it off monthly). Then I saw that Araucania Nature Wool and Araucania Magallanes are on closeout at Webs. When you check the prices, do note the yardage. Most of you will be able to get a sweater out of 8 or fewer balls. I looked at my credit card balance; I was already $20 over my personally set 'limit'.

Yeah, and I can't stay on a food diet either... I bought enough Nature Wool (grey and green) for two sweaters (designing them now!) and enough Magallanes (red/pink and turq/yellow) for two pairs of mittens which I don't need.

This, however, I bought for a reason:

I have actually been asked to knit a couple of pair of fingerless gloves. These are both purple, and both lovely, though the Rowan Designer DK outsaturates the gorgeous part-alpaca Khroma DK. I had no suitable purple in my stash. In fact my stash makes it painfully obvious that green and brown are my favorite colors.

The best reason to cut down on yarn is my swiftly shrinking storage space, so what I need to do is finish up some current projects. I'm making good headway on the Clapotis and hope to be able to show you something tomorrow. I've also spent a lot of time today finishing up Grasslimb: polishing up layout, proofreading, getting it ready for the printer.


Just one highlight of a manual that came with one of Rob's multi-testers. No more than a novel style, indeed. Ting stmiccture.


Elinoire said...

... and here I thought it was yet another knitting term with which I am not familiar. Huh.

So what the heck does it mean? And will it scare people if I yell it in public places?

JulieFrick said...

Ah, I know all about that. Webs always seems to come calling just when I've made a resolution of some sort. By the way, if you're into green, you oughtta check out the Skye Tweed in "spruce." I'm using it now for my CPH and I swear it's like knitting with veggies.

.: tani :. said...

hey, a slip every once in a while isn't bad, is it?

Christine said...

Are spam generators getting hired as technical writers these days ;)?

Loganoc said...

It looks like someone who has never seen the latin alphabet has tried to type up a translation. Still, I can't even begin to guess what ting stmiccture is.

Earin Marybird said...

I heard from a friend yesterday (she puts computer systems together for companies) that the main technoid she's been working with didn't know the difference between grouped and clustered so she put the wrong system together. I like to paraphase Captain Kirk: Communication: The Final Frontier. I am finding all these stash enhancement links to be awfully tempting.