Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Resolutions? Well, maybe not.

I've never been one for New Year's resolutions, in much the same way as I'm not one for diets (alas). Tell me what to do, and I immediately rebel. That works exactly the same if I tell myself what to do. But I, a generally cheerful individual, had a crap and blue 2006 and I really do not want to repeat the experience. So instead of resolutions, here are a few things that I hope I can keep in mind during 2007:
  • As panicked as I seem to feel when I have many social activities going on, I always end up having a good time.
  • Conversely, when I know I really need time alone, it is okay to simply state that this is what I need.
  • I would be really, really happy if I recorded more music in 2007, and my voice gets better when I use it.
  • I would be really, really happy if I actually finished my second novel, and the first one wasn't all that hard when I broke it down into tiny chunks.
  • It is okay to take the time to read a book. I don't have to be productive every second.
...and of course...
  • No matter what cookie I may be eyeing, it is not the last cookie I will ever see.
  • Really.


Earin Marybird said...

I don't buy into the "this isn't going to be the last cookie every made on the planet". I mean, how do you know for sure? : - >

I'm not big on resolutions either but I like to end the year with a gentle assessment and think of things to make my life even nicer.

Anonymous said...

I don't make resolutions either; I set goals. That way, even if I don't reach the goal. Nothing to break that way - I may not reach a particular goal, but that's okay.

Good luck with your goals :)

April said...

Is that a picture of you and Rob? He's kinda cute for a furry fella.