Monday, March 05, 2007

Back, and glad I went.

The service was good, and I even decided to speak at it; and I got to talk about Gene with his kids, his SO and his closest friend. I think it helped me a good deal.

After the service and the gathering afterwards, we drove up to Los Alamos to spent a couple of nights with a friend. It snowed overnight and we woke to a beautiful dusting over everything. We took a drive up into the Jemez Mountains and got to some real snow:

We drove down to Bandelier National Monument and took a little stroll. The sky was very blue against the ancient rocks.

There is something very healing about nature and its inherent quietness of mind.

I did a lot of knitting, too, but I don't have any photos yet. So, to distract you, here are some gratuitous pictures of my friend's cats.


Jen said...

I'm so glad the trip was a good experience. And those kitties are adorable together!

Renada said...

hobby snow must be very nice **snicker, snicker**

nature is very humbling and enlightening isn't it?