Wednesday, March 07, 2007


What I'm actually working on:

Yep, it's another beret. Kind of ugly, I guess. The Magallanes yarn really is all pretty hideous, but it is nice to work with. I can't help myself with these berets, they are SO fun to make.

Froggy froggy froggy. I probably tink one row for every two I knit, but I am making slow progress on the back of my Vandyke sweater.

It's almost a bathmat, thanks to April's Addis!

"My so-called scarf" — my first actual knitted scarf, maybe never to be finished, this makes great mindless knitting but it progresses SO slowly. And because I've been working on it off and on for nearly a year, the gauge is... creative.

What I'm supposed to be working on:

Rib & cable mitts for a friend with Reynaud's. Frogged twice (well, it's mid-second-frog right now). I find it really hard to knit for someone else unless they're right there to try it on! I have huge wrists, C. has tiny ones. Argh.

I need 3-D plaster casts of my friends' body parts.

I sound like a fetishist.


Anonymous said...

Your "so-called scarf" looks like it will be really beautiful when it's finished :)


Loganoc said...

You've got a lot to do! I am fascinated by that scarf, what stitch are you using? It looks like you're knitting vertically.

I've just got myself a new project... it looks bloody hard though and I haven't got the yarn yet either. A "challenge". Hmmmm.

Christine said...

I love the beret and the scarf!

The 3D molds could make for some interesting wall art when you're finished ;). Probably a lively party activity too :P. I once made a face mold of a boyfriend. He didn't enjoy laying still with the straws up his nose.