Monday, March 12, 2007


Oh well, it's not Christmas, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I didn't actually finish three objects in one weekend. Frankly I should be surprised that I finished any.

FO 1: It is wicked ugly. I cannot really recommend Magallanes, which is nice to work with but which is dyed in colorways that hurt my eyes. But the durn thing FITS. And I like it. Something is just not right with my brain.

FO 2: I finally finished that blasted UFO of a bulky cotton bathmat. Put it through hot water washer and hot dryer, and it came out soft, fluffy and just the right size for our bathroom. It feels great underfoot. I hated making it, but I'm so glad I did!

And this shrunken skin is 3/4 of an Air Bear from Berroco. Their 'Air' yarn is on sale at Webs, and the Bear only takes one skein, so you can build a bear for $3.50. Pretty cool. But it looks nasty until it's stuffed!

(This is actually purple/lavender in color, but the camera would not cooperate.)


Jen said...

Well, you know - there's good news about an ugly hat. If you're wearing it, just avoid looking in mirrors, and you'll never see how ugly it is! :)

I'll have to think about doing a bath mat one of these days. I've got a line on the company that makes Peaches & Creme, and they sell direct to the public. They've got the double worsted cotton yarn that Mason Dixon uses for a bathmat.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the way it always works? The one that fits is never the color you like?

And the bath mat looks great. I can just imagine how good it feels underfoot :)


April said...

Your natural beauty causes everything about you to look just as wonderful, ergo the hat is gorgeous. I need one of those bathmats. In sage, if you wouldn't mind. No rush though.

Is there any more Vicodin?

.: tani :. said...

does it get cold enough in san diego to warrant a hat? you could always buy more yarn to make a new one! the bathmat is beautful but makes my hands hurt just looking at it (cotton makes my hands hurt!). i'll get in line for a bathmat too. but i'll have mine in a warm butter shade. ;)