Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Blrgle argh agh.

First of all, this is not a sock:

I realize it looks like one, but in reality it bears far more resemblance to Alyson's... er... "hat".

Well, ya know. One should make a gauge swatch, even for a sock. I think I needed #1 needles, not #2. And maybe I needed to use fewer stitches, or "think small." It's sad, because I had turned the heel and picked up the @#$(#@$ gusset. Those of you who knit socks will feel my pain. And trek's pattern is a good one; it's just me. I'm wayyyyy off gauge.

Second of all, this is a perfectly fine start to some Rib-and-Cable mitts, after frogging the first three. It's for my friend W's wife C, and she really needs these before, ya know, the end of cold weather. There's just one problem:

It's radioactive. The cat took a nap on it. I can knit on it, but if my nose itches or I want a drink of water, I have to get up and wash my hands first. This is a Big Pain.

Then I have the Vandyke sweater and a pair of socks I'm working on, both to my own design and both at points where I'm quite confused about what is supposed to happen next. The real problem with the sweater is that I've only ever made one adult sweater with set-in sleeves, and I have no idea what I'm doing. I keep getting the armhole shape wrong. I finally decided I needed some practice with a nice, well-written PATTERN sweater first.

Enter the black stockinette. Don't worry, there's more to it. This is Bristow from Knitty/Melanie Gibbons, who knows what she's doing. The yarn is some Kona Bay wool I got at a screamin' deal from Webs. I did a gauge swatch. All is going well so far.

Do not mock the black stockinette. (Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.) I am at peace.


Alyson said...

Hehehe you cannot escape the sock hat - one time or another, it comes for us all!

(I love Happy Fun Ball.)

Earin Marybird said...

Oh, funny, funny, PhunnnEEEEEEE!! The flickr site is a MUST SEE! Oh, the heartbreak of gauge. I decided to frog a sock (koigu yarn) I started last year because it's a bit too big NOT anywhere in your class though!

You're going to give a radioactive set of mitts to someone?

skhpottery said...

Focus on the stockenette.... but everyonce in a while go back and see if the sock fits. Try it on enough times and you'll be able to take a picture just like Alyson's. The giggling would be worth the frogging.

April said...

Oooh, Bristow. I love me some Bristow.

Maybe the sock could be for Rob?

Redheadskydiver said...

That just happened to me with a pair of socks, also just past the gusset. Luckily I have a hubby with huge feet and who was ok with the color. So they became his! Pics on my blog. I'm also running a little contest over on my blog in case you're interested.

Anonymous said...

A sock hat - I love it :)

Oooh, Bristow is going to be very pretty!