Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cuff those bad socks!

It's a bit hard to tell what my Sockotta socks are looking like at the moment, because the pattern I've concocted sneakily has you knit the cuff, then turn the sock inside out and continue knitting the rest of the sock. All you have to do is wrap one stitch to make sure there's no hole, and this trick works. But it means you have to see half the sock inside-out if you're looking at it in progress.

On the left here, you see the sock as I'm knitting it, with the cuff inside out and the ribbed leg right-side out. I've just finished with the leg, about to do some transition rows and then start the heel. I think this will be a garter stitch short row heel over about 60% of the stitches.

On the right, you can see what the cuff looks like folded over. Ignore those badly formed stitches here and there. Plymouth Sockotta is 45% cotton, making it less elastic, so that stitches stretch out easily, but much of that will go away in blocking. The pluses to Sockotta are that it's machine wash and dry (very convenient if you're gifting the sock to someone who can't cope with hand-washing) and that it's got a relatively high cotton content, good for summer and for San Diego in general. The minuses are that it's not as fun to knit with as wool. I have mixed feelings about the colorway; I picked it for my mother, and hopefully she'll get and like these socks, but I'm not overwhelmed with joy at how it's knitting up. Though it does have a kind of Monet flower-garden effect which is nice.

This isn't going terribly fast, so don't expect a Summer of Socks winner out of this blog. But I'm enjoying devising the pattern for it.

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Earin Marybird said...

I like the color and am intrigued with the "inside/out" aspect of your pattern. Your mother will love them!