Monday, June 26, 2006

I feel invisible...

The camera cable is at work, so I can't upload any photos.
Why do I feel like I and my postings don't exist if I don't have photos?
Hmm. Clearly a cultural and sensory bias...

Well, the pictures will come on Weds. when I return to work, and maybe I'll exist then. Here's some of the things you'll see pictures of (and some of which you won't).

Friday I got amazing stash in the mail from Sundara. The most amazing part was a personal gift of yarn from Sundara. I am still just completely blown away.

My 85-yr-old mother-in-law Verna arrived Saturday morning from Perth, Australia to Los Angeles. We visited my two grandmothers (one, 96, in hospital after emergency surgery, one, 90, at home after chemo -- definite feelings of fragility in the air) and then had a lovely (not) five-hour trip back to San Diego. Yesterday we babysat my year-old niece Carson, who cried not one single cry the entire twelve hours we had her. Wow.

Today my cat Laila caught a baby bunny (a frequent occurrence), but we managed to get it away from her unharmed. Well, that means we pried open her jaw and the bunny hightailed it for South America. Laila was not exactly thrilled.

Oops, this is supposed to be a knitting blog, isn't it? Let's see. I didn't do much knitting this weekend, just squoze (is that a word?) in a little. I finished Nezumi except for the pompoms (I'm crocheting some bobbly things instead). Nezumi is blocking now. I probably overworked it in the water and the cables felted just a little, but it'll still be nice. The original booboo I thought I made turned out to be fine, but when I was nearly done I did finally miscross a cable. I followed Stephanie's instructions and they worked a treat. Woohoo! And thank you, Yarn Harlot!!

I have nearly one leg finished on the Sockotta cuffed socks of my own design. I got a lot done while watching the movie Genghis Blues tonight. Great little documentary. Now I'm typing, Rob's petting Laila, Verna is resting and we're all watching Steven Wright.

And that's the news from Lake Photoless.


Earin Marybird said...

I do miss the pics - I'm very visual. So when that cable makes it back home please post them!

Bunnies! I have to rescue them sometimes too though it's usually skinks and lizards. I tell the cats, "No birds please - just RODENTS". I'm not sure they pay attention to me unless I have a can of food in hand.

I was wondering how you like the Sockotta. My co-op has a buy on it. I'm also going to buy my first Sundara today. It looks so beautiful.

Christine said...

I love your blog knitting or not :). Mine started as a baking blog. I worry that leaving out the cooking entries might make people think I'm baking with Cheech and Chong - oh well :P.