Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pictures, as promised!

Lots to tell you. I'll start with three highlights... Might post more later today.

First of all, Nezumi is finished.

I have total and utter incompetence when it comes to making pompoms, so instead, I crocheted some little bobbles. I actually think I like the bobbles better than pompoms -- at least they're different.

I realize you want to see a picture of me wearing this thing. I tried taking a picture of myself and it looks like a monkey with buck teeth. I swear, I don't look like this. But I don't think I'm going to convince you all of that:

Still, it's a mighty cool hat, don't you think? Sufficiently goofy to suit my taste and personality.

We babysat my niece Carson on Sunday. She is darling. I realize I am completely biased. But man, what a sweet kid. Not one bit of crying in twelve hours. She frowns when you use the flash, so I had to take the smiling pics in available light, and they are blurry. But still, you can get an idea of the cuteness level here, I think.

And finally, is this cool or what?

It's a trail from a rocket that took off last night, being illuminated, along with the moon, by the setting sun. I couldn't get a really good photo with my little digital Elph, but it's still kind of cool, I think.


Jen said...

That hat is so cute!

Earin Marybird said...

No one likes photos of themselves. Not even models (not that I know any models). The hat is *adorable* along with your niece (and what are you kntting for her?). Yes, it is cool. Things in the sky are cool.

Elinoire said...

I have seen you, Valerie, and that picture is not an accurate representation of you. The hat, maybe, but not you. :-)

The twirly thingies are way cuter than pom-poms.

Christine said...

Loved the photos! Cool hat!