Monday, June 12, 2006


.. as in "Land ho!" That is -- there are no FOs yet. But they are in sight!

I was totally out of commission on Thursday and 90% of Friday owing to the muscle spasm -- couldn't work, couldn't knit, couldn't hold a book, BAH! But I got better, and my mood improved, too. It was so good to be able to pick up the needles again on Friday night.

This looks like a FO, but if you look closer, you'll see the buttons aren't sewn on yet. I did buy them, at least! and they'll be sewn on and the sweater winging its way to Georgina and her baby sometime this week.

This obviously isn't a FO, either, but when you consider I cast on late Friday night, it's going to be finished soon. I got a lot done on it at the movies ("Over the Hedge") last night, because I had gotten to the "round and round stockinette" portion. This is the "Coronet" hat from Knitty. It seemed an excellent design with which to showcase my new Sundara yarn in Pink Granite. There are still a few skeins of this yarn left on her site, if you like it. It's very soft superwashed merino in worsted weight.

You can see a glimpse of one of trek's great sock bags next to it. I'm going to need more of these. I hang them on my wrist and can knit while walking around.

Here's a closeup of the cabling:

I was pretty pleased with my Kitchenering this time. I figured out how to graft purl stitches, and in the end it was seamless enough that I can't easily find the graft. Woohoo!

Friday I got a little stash enhancement in the mail. This is all from Sundara Yarn; the red is "Somewhat Solid Red with Violet", the pink is the aforementioned "Pink Granite," both in worsted merino; the aqua/tan/brown is sock yarn in "Bloodstone." I also bought some sock yarn for each of my Secret Pals, not pictured here because I packed it up and mailed it off!
Finally, I tried an experiment to see what Laila thought of camel and alpaca yarn. The result:

Alpaca won, but just barely...


Purly Whites said...

You are such a superfast knitter! I'm thrilled to see the Pink Granite knitting up well!

Earin Marybird said...

I agree with Laila, such lovely wool! Glad that you are feeling better. Keep well O Fast Knitter!

Ms. Pal said...

Ooo, pretty yarn.

I LOVE the yellow baby sweater. It's adorable (even with the buttons not quite attached).

Earin Marybird said...

Yes, I'm back for a second comment. The baby sweater deserved another look. I love the yarn so much and the hat is great. The cabled band takes it from ordinary to something special. I'm going around in circles thinking: I'll make this next, and this, and this... Too many things I want to do. You are a Bad Influence!

jae said...

the cable looks really nice in that color yarn, can't wait to see the finished product and looks like your kitty kat has great taste!
(thanks for your comments, just what I needed.)