Monday, October 09, 2006

From Friday: tot sweater completed!

Friday night, I finished the "Cozy in Cables" pullover. I think this one will go to Dulaan. I blocked it Friday, and took it outside Sunday to let it finish drying. Sorry I didn't get the photo wide enough to show the sleeve ribbing, which is in the same navy alpaca as the neck and waist.
In the end, I caved, and used Lion Brand Wool-Ease bulky on the arms to make them long enough. It was a little TOO bulky and there's a bit of a bulge right before the wrists, and of course it's mostly acrylic with only a bit of wool, but oh well.

I'm still on the fence about bulky wool. It's certainly more fun to knit with than bulky cotton or bulky acrylic, the only other 'bulkies' I've tried before, and it sure does knit up fast. I think my real problem with it is that it does not drape, so unless you are a kid or very tall and thin, it has the potential to make you look like a wooly mammoth (note: I have seen exceptions to this).


Ashley said...

Cute sweater. It's great what you can do with scraps of yarn.

Oh! I was showing my bf the spider on your blog from a few posts ago, and then we sat and looked up info on the spider for awhile (we're weird like that). Funny thing was, when we left his house half hour later there was a spider on his front step, and it was the same kind. I thought it was funny. lol.

Earin Marybird said...

I kind of like the wooly mammoth look. : - ) What a great sweater. You are fast!

BTY. Your spider is pretty common so it's not surprising that Ashley saw one. My hubby has a theory that when you think or talk about something it starts popping up everywhere. I think your mind just becomes more aware and then notices instead of just sliding over it. Some animals are programmed to "see" certain prey at a particular time of year. If you introduce prey that doesn't fall within this parameter they will literally starve to death being unable to identify the out of season prey as yummy.

jae said...

Golly, you sure matched the arms and body colors well despite using a different yarns... Great idea and creativity. What a great gift for charity.

April said...

The sweater looks fantastic - nice job! I have 8 balls of SUPER bulky wool (2 colorways, 4 balls each) and I no likey knitting with it. It's YOURS if you want it.

Dipsy D. said...

Wow, this sweater turned out so great, I'm amazed to see how neat and even your cabling is, and it looks so cozy and soft and warm! Fantastic job!