Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's a beard! It's a plane!

Some of you will remember that I scored some fabulous Sundara Yarn in the wacky Caterpillar colorway back in June. I started turning it into Clapotis in July, and then got distracted by Secret Yarnination. I pulled it out again last weekend.

This is as far as I'd gotten at the end of the weekend: finished the increase rows, all ready for the straight rows. I liked the possible usefulness of this as a gaudily colored false beard, especially so close to Halloween.

(I'm sorry it didn't occur to me to photograph this :-( )

However, beard it was not fated to remain. It's looking a bit more planar now, as it moves into its parallelogram shape. Here it is as of this morning (I knit a bit more during a meeting today. I'm bad).

The colors are more accurate in the second photo, I guess, but they're hard to reproduce because in person the silk gives the gold a truly metallic sheen. It looks (to me) like gold jewelry against a beautiful blue pool of water. None of these colors looks good on me, but I really don't care. I love love love this yarn, beyond all reasonableness.

I really like the word parallelogram. I even used it in a song once.


Alyson said...

Sighhhh....lucky. I tried knitting during a meeting once - not even during, BEFORE!! - and my supervisor hissed at me. Literally hissed, then glared. Then she did that little pursed-lip brow-furrowing thing people do when they're trying to indicate that they strongly disapprove of your yeah, I guess I'm not supposed to knit at the office. ;-P

Dave said...

It does look shimmery. Nice!

trek said...

Hey it looks so pretty!

April said...

That's gorgeous! I love that colorway, wish I'd snagged some of that. And why doesn't it surprise me that you were able to use "parallelogram" in a song?