Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Saved by Sock Wars!

Okay, I haven't been killed in Sock Wars yet, nor have I heard confirmation of achieving a kill, but nevertheless, I had some leftover yarn. Turns out that doubled, it comes pretty close to the gauge of the Rosarios Ecowool I was using. It's a little small, but then the doubled Indiecita Alpaca I was using for the rib is a little big, and what the heck — it'll all block out in the end. So I added a tan stripe to the Cozy Cables sweater. You can see here (it's lying on its side, with the neck to the left) that I've finished the front and am rapidly zooming along the back. Soon I'll add sleeves and run out of yarn again :-) But I found a couple of scraps I can stripe with to help with that. So cross your fingers, I'll have a rather.. exciting tot sweater for charity in a couple of days.

Good thing that kids like colorful objects!

Apropos of nothing: is this not the coolest spider? Check out his scary white ZZZZs in the web. I have no idea how he (well, probably she) did that, but it rocks. Such a gorgeous spider. I love spiders. Apologies to all of you who are horrified by them.


Ashley said...

As long as that spider isn't crawling on me, I don't mind it so much.

It is a really cool looking spider though.

Jen said...

Beautiful spider!

The "z's" are made with a variant of their normal silk. Studies have shown that for some reason, they actually help to attract more insects to be captured by the web.


Earin Marybird said...

Ah, Argiope aurantia , the "writing" spider. An orb weaver in the vein of "Charlotte's Web". I find that they tend to build their webs in the same area every year (I assume it's a new spider, maybe just the "best spot"). If you scare her she will pump her legs and make her web bounce very rapidly.

According to this source:

"she is the only known spider—known species on the planet— whose mate dies spontaneously during intercourse". Dear me.

April said...

Oh my word, I heart that spider. I wish I had one like that. And how appropriate that your spider would be a "Writing Spider." I'm thinking maybe she should be on the cover of your next literary journal. Isn't that a great idea? Thanks, I thought it up all by myself.

Elinoire said...

Oooh, cool spider. I coulda told you it was an orb weaver, but that's all. I'm glad Earin was on the job (and I really like the word "Argiope"). :-) How large is your new friend? She looks like she could catch and eat Laila.

Earin Marybird said...

They can get pretty big and have been know to snag the odd hummingbird or two. I've always found them quick to move away when I've gardened near their webs but I would avoid getting chomped on.