Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pride goeth before a rip

I was really pleased that I reached the armholes on the back of my Sienna last night. Pleased until I started binding off and decreasing for the armholes, and had the wrong number of stitches left. I tinked back about ten rows, until before the bindoff, and still the count was wrong.

Yep. You guessed it. I had dropped a stitch (on the edge). THIS far back:

At least this thing goes so fast it won't take that long to knit it back again.

On another note, I tried Kool-Aid dyeing for the first time yesterday on some Knit Picks Dye Your Own. I had this clever idea of using only a couple of colors of Kool-Aid, but I quickly ran out and had to use other colors (including some soap dye) too. Result? It looks pretty much like the everyone's first Kool-Aid dye.



In the cake:

Might be okay for kid's socks. It was fun to make, but I'm not going to be the next Sundara ;-)


Emma said...

Hee! Oh well, it's fun anyway, right? I think it looks pretty good, especially in the yarn cake. Practice makes perfect!

Ashley said...

Heh.. It happens. I actually kind of like the color.

My first kool aid dying was done on roving and I just made solid blocks that I eventually spun together. Still not sure I'm in love with it. haha.

April said...

I think it's gorgeous and you're a far more creative woman than I'll ever be.

trek said...

The yarn looks fun and sorry about the frogging.

fuzzarelly said...

I think your dying went well! I have graduated to Jacquard Acid Dyes and I'm quite pleased with the results.

I like the way you rip back. I have never hard/read of the technique you used (using circular needles) and I will be sure to remember it.

Right now, I am knitting a pair of socks. I don't like the method I'm using for the heel, the wrap the the last stitch when decreasing and knitting the wrap and the stitch as one when increasing. Is there a better way? I of course know the regular heel and short row decrease, but when one is using self striping yarn, that method isn't so good.

Your site is great!

April said...

I'm commenting again because I just realized that the color of the yarn for Sienna is the same color as Leland's coat! No wonder I think it's beautiful. =)

Dipsy D. said...

Ouch! I'm so sorry that you had to rip back Sienna, especially as it seems like quite a lot. Gosh, this happens to me all the time that I drop a stitch here or there, it's such a pain, isn't it?
Your dyeing turned out really well, I totally love the colors you've been using - really, I'd actually wear socks made with them - the more colorful, the better! :)