Sunday, October 08, 2006

A very yarny weekend.

This weekend (which is not even over yet!) has been so yarny for me that I think I have several days' worth of blither. To keep from injuring your brains from sheer boredom, I'll dole it out in small doses, though :-) .

I did completely lose my mind in end of summer bargains at Webs. The subsequent box arrived Friday and I unpacked it with glee and some confusion. I bought a lot of their 'yard sale' and 'closeout' yarn, and sometimes you get an unexpected result.

The entire top layer of my DK stash is new, and all of it's intended for baby things — you see here material for two baby sweaters in Cleckheaton Country 8-Ply, and two baby T-shirts in Katia Irina. The Katia Irina was not at all what I was expecting, but that's okay. A little excitement is good for the soul.

I have a huge number of baby things to make — for at least six babies that I can think of at the moment. So I looked for more baby yarn...

I really thought the image of this yarn on the Webs web site (that sounds weird. Webs web. web web web.) was a pale lavendar. As you can see, it's grey. Just grey. Just absolutely dead even straight-on grey. Not that I don't like grey, but would grey be appropriate for a fine-gauge baby layette, for which this was intended? What do you think?

Maybe if I trim it with something more colorful?

Well, possibly not this, though it's cheerful enough. It was marked as 'mislabeled for gauge', but didn't say what the gauge was, really, nor what it was marked at, exactly. It's marked as 28 st/4 in and I think it's probably about 22. I have no bleepin' idea what to do with it. But you would have bought it too, and you know it, especially on screaming sale.

Then there was this. I thought it was four pounds of flamingo-pink worsted-weight cotton yarn for $6. Well, sort of. They were out of flamingo-pink, so they sent what they called salmon (I call it dusty rose). And it's not worsted-weight, it's worsted-spun. It's approximately laceweight. I'm working on creative combining and you'll see where I got to in an upcoming post about swatching.

Finally, there was a two-pound cone of worsted-weight (really) wool (sorry, didn't photograph it, but you'll see the swatch soon) which was supposed to be taupe. There were two browns on the web site: one taupe, one warm. I picked the taupe. The label says the # of the taupe. But the color looks just like the web-site swatch for the warm brown. Hmm. Though I kind of like it, and spent a lot of yesterday winding it into cakes, it was definitely not my intended purchase. But, heck, two pounds of yarn for $20, can you whine? I cannot.


trek said...

Gee is there a difference between worsted-spun and worsted-weight?


April said...

Did they need a forklift to deliver your yarn? Holy moley girl!

I think the grey would look nice with navy for a boy or grey with pink for a girl. In fact, grey with pink is one of my favorite combos.

I own some Brilla, I bought it to make amigurumi with. But then never used it. If I'd seen that color on sale, heck yeah, I woulda bought some too!

Elinoire said...

I think the gray would make a nice border, actually. I'd rather see it like that than as the (much larger) center part of the piece.