Monday, December 18, 2006

6 weird things about me.

I've been tagged by April. I've tried to avoid these memes...

But okay.

There are many things about me that others might consider weird, and I don't really feel like posting about my sexual history or habits — I did enough of that (posting) in the '80s — so here are some G-rated ones.

1. My electric meter runs backwards.

2. My job has nothing to do with my painfully-earned Ph.D.

3. I've been a 'best man', a bridesmaid to a lesbian, and a 'standby bridesmaid' (as well as being a 'regular' bridesmaid several times). (All this and I don't even care for weddings...)

4. Nearly two dozen of my friends have died. You could say it's dangerous to be friends with me.

5. I once posed as tragic accident victim at the Cadillac Ranch. Tongue lolling out and all. Upside down.

6. I collect antique etiquette books.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1: Is that because it was installed by an Australian?
2: But at least you don't ask "would you like fries with that?"
3: You've been IN more weddings than I've been TO.
4: See number three. You have 27 gazillion friends so I think it's a percentage thing. However, it could be dangerous for your friends to be friends with all your other friends, without your superpowers!
5: That's funny even though I don't exactly know what it means.
6: Do you have "What do you say to a Naked Lady?" (Okay it's a movie... perhaps an antique instructional etiquette video.)