Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Baking problem solved! and other nonsense

I figured out my missing-baking-mojo issue. It's all about the eggs.

I started buying only organic eggs a while back, when I read about the nasty conditions hens are subjected to in this interesting Humane Society page about egg carton labels. The truth is that even organic chickens can be abused pretty horribly, but at least it's less than others. Organic eggs are most frequently found in the 'large' size.

I noticed that most of my recipes that were failing were, interestingly, the more modern ones. My old recipes, from my 1950s Joy of Cooking, worked okay. And then I noticed that one of the modern recipes called for 'extra large' eggs. A light went on.

There's definitely been a trend towards 'extra large' being the norm in recent years. In a quadrupled recipe with lots of eggs, we are talking about a whole egg's difference if you change to using 'large'.

I tested the theory last night, adding an extra egg to my cocoa kisses. They came out absolutely smashingly perfect. Woohoo!

Now that you are bored with hearing about eggs, since I don't have any knitting to report, here are some gratuitous pictures of my cat, Laila, who spent yesterday evening sleeping off the work she did to catch two rats and a mouse in the 24 hours prior:

Curly toes!

I thought she was headless for a moment in this one:

Can I get an "awwwww" ?


Alyson said...

Awww...I love the fluffy ones.

(Nice catch on the eggs! I'm going to be making my giant batches of cookies for the office - I'll have to keep that in mind!)

Anonymous said...

Awwwww! She's so cute! Isn't it amazing the strange positions they get in to sleep? :)

Earin Marybird said...

An "awwwww" plus a "well done!" for the rodent catching. Good kitty!

Pearls Mother said...

AWWWW, i just want to scratch that yummy kitty tummy.
The cookies also look pretty good.

Ashley said...

awww.. cute kitty