Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm dead! Yay!

Yesterday I got this in the mail (along with a bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk, which Rob quickly erased):

Modest, unassuming, even friendly. But make no mistake. At last I have been killed in Sock Wars (which is, admittedly, long over)!

The socks were very long, as were the socks I made for my victim; I think this is the result of using a foot-size table to compute sock length, because socks are, after all, meant to stretch. In this case the completer had to buy more yarn, which is a shame because the socks could have been ended at the green part. I popped them in the wash a couple of times but I think the yarn is superwash (and it's true that my front-loader is gentle), because they haven't really shrunk much. I'm wearing them over another pair of socks here. They're good for slippers if I'm careful not to trip.

I told you there was a lot of knitting last weekend. One thing I did was start a pair of Rib-and-Cable mitts (from the Spring 2006 Interweave Knits). I've made these before for myself, shortening and widening the thumb and shortening the hand for my smaller fingers. This one I made as a gift and made it 'regular-sized', which I hope will be right for the giftee. You can see they're a little long on me. They look odd when they're not on a hand, but they feel great on.

These were made with Sundara sport-weight left over from the Kimono sweater, and trimmed with the same alpaca I used on the, uh, bunny hat. US #3 Boye dpns. Two things:

• Sundara's sport-weight is so pleasant to knit with. (Of course you knew it was pretty.)
• This is a way fun pattern to knit.


Earin Marybird said...

I do so like the rib and cable mitts. They do look a bit funny off the hand but feel so good (and look great) when worn. Sundara's yarn is practically indecent to work with - it's so sensual. I've cast on Knit and Tonic's Somewhat Cowl with her DK silky merino (which really does expand when washed - I've done 7 swatches before I was happy!) and it's a joy to work with.

April said...

Congratulations on your death! I'm still alive if you can believe it. I don't think I'm ever going to die.

Unless I run into another banana peel. There's always that.

I wanna make fingerless mitts! Damn you!

ashley said...

Cool socks. I'm still alive... but I knew that would probably happen.

Love the Fingerless mitts! They're gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I like the colour and the pattern of the socks, shame they're too big!
I think I might knit some nice gloves/mitts for myself next, I got some silly lurexy yarn... Maybe I'll check out the pattern.