Friday, December 01, 2006

I am a dork...

I had my camera at home but not the SD card that goes in it, so y'all can't see that I finished Pea Pod the Second. But I did, and it is blocked and drying! Hopefully it'll be dry enough tomorrow to sew on the buttons and then I am ready to go.

I'm not planning any Christmas knitting to speak of this year. It just seemed to be too much, with a crazed personal schedule, several upcoming baby showers, and the fact that I'm fairly new to knitting. But that's not lowered the challenge much for shopping. I still have to THINK of gifts and at the moment my brain is fuzzy. I'm doing a lot of relying on Amazon wish lists and other non-creative purchasing. Ah, well.

Photos soon. Meanwhile, to keep you from being bored, here's another shot from the Canada trip.

If you like this little snake, check out the children's book Verdi by my friend Janell.


Anonymous said...

And where are the photos of the green jell-o fight?! We've been robbed. Sniff.

Ashley said...

Ooo.. what a pretty snake.