Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Been birthday'd

Rob gave me a bumpin' gift (I wasn't there when "bumpin'" was cool to say, so I'm making up for it now that it's not): An 80 Gigabyte, yep 80 Gig iPod and a blue skin for it. Here it is basking under the cloud-drifted sky:

My old iPod was named "my little sheep" (a rather strange reference to my old 'dog' in Nethack). This one seemed to call for something different, and therefore I have dubbed it 'my little hamster'. Since it's bigger than the sheep, this made sense. Somehow.

He also gave me a bunch of CDs (Lene Marlin, Yann Tiersen, Maritime, and other goodies off my Amazon wish list) to add to my already ridiculous collection. I have an insatiable appetite for music. Yay, new tunez!

I didn't manage to knit a whole lot this weekend as I was busy being morose over TurboTax (going back to tried-and-true calculator and pencil next year, this program irritates me) and having a cold, but here is the progress on the left arm. I decided to do the arm after the left front, as I was already in the groove for the left-hand cable pattern, plus when I finish the arm I'll be nearly half done and is that cool? So I'm about 2/3 way up the arm. Might be more than that, actually, as I've just begun to remember that I have short arms and though really that should means I should have increased at shorter intervals, I'm probably just going to stop short of the full length called for and pray the arms aren't too tight... I don't think I have particularly fat arms for my size, so hopefully this plan will work.


April said...

I want to knit that sweater DESPERATELY. Yours looks fantastic.

Now I understand why you keep Rob around. ;)

Sigga Sif said...

happy birthday! great gifts you got.