Monday, April 16, 2007

Kinda blue.

On Sunday, I drove up to Los Angeles to say goodbye to my maternal grandparents' house, which my grandparents moved into the day before I was born. It's being cleared out, and will be put on the market while I am in Australia. I also took cuttings of some of the plants, ones that had been gifts from my father's father to my mother's parents about 40 years ago: stephanotis, gardenia, loquat and a champagne grapevine. I took photos, but mysteriously, the pictures I took of the gardenia and the stephanotis were corrupted :-(

Here is the grapevine:So that was a bit challenging, and then I went to my meeting at UCLA on Monday, after which I found out that the radioactive iodine treatment that Laila (our cat) had a couple of weeks ago was not successful, and she needs to be re-treated.


This means that, since we're leaving the country in less than two weeks and she will be radioactive for three, this will be the last night we get to sleep with her in the bed for a month and a half. And she will have a sucky week in radiation jail.

I should be happy because I'm making good progress on my sweater, because Laila is, after all, treatable, and because I'm going on vacation in two weeks. But right now, I am feeling sad.


Laura B said...

Sorry to hear about all the sadness! Hope things turn around for you soon... and it sounds like they probably will.

Jen said...

Wow...that's a lot to process. Still, you have the clippings from the garden, and you always have your memories.

Plus, you get to make new ones in Australia! I'm so jealous. :)

Earin Marybird said...

I can see that you would be sad. This is a lot of stuff coming down and a week of radiation jail for your darling - poor you, poor Rob, poor Laila.
: - (

Anonymous said...

Valerie, I'm just catching up on my blog reading so I just found out about Laila. I'm sorry she has to go repeat the treatment. I'll be thinking about her and you and hoping it works this time. Take care.