Friday, April 13, 2007

So I learned some things.

Last night I set up painstakingly (threading size-2 needles through the row I wanted to rip to), ripped back, and restarted knitting from row 107.

'cept it wasn't row 107. I had counted wrong. It was row 101.

I hadn't knit on long enough originally, and by the time I pieced together all of my errors, I would have had a 20.5" arm following instructions. This isn't a complaint about the pattern. It's a comment on my sloppiness.

I am somewhat proud of my slapdash attitude in life. I do get things done, and (at least usually) don't obsess over perfection. But 3" long sleeves would have been a bit of a problem.

As planned, I altered my increase interval and my end result will be a good 2" shorter than otherwise. It will also not be full of screwups and, hence, fail to match the other arm. Sometimes it's worth correcting errors. SOMETIMES.

When Rob saw me taking the photo above he leaned out the bedroom window and yelled down, "isn't that gilding the lily?"

I don't know what he's talking about.


Earin Marybird said...

Technically, it is. Your lily is very pretty. You are sounding very patient with the increases and frogging. I have my knitting needles crossed hoping it all works out. Good luck!

Bex said...

Wait, which is the lily and which is the gilt? hee hee

Elinoire said...

Did you even *consider* the fact that Rob or your friends or your family might find 20.5" sleeves on your sweater very useful if you ever go violently insane and we need to use your sweater as a straightjacket and tie your arms behind you?

Did you?!

Sheesh, some people. No consideration, that's what it is.

karenalien said...

Hmmm Elinoire, do you think that would ever happen? Like maybe if someone gave her some postcards that were SO FUNNY that she could not stop laughing hysterically ever again? Hypothetically speaking of course.