Tuesday, April 24, 2007


You can tell I'm going on vacation Saturday. I'm not even reading blogs. I'm racing around finishing errands, projects, responsibilities so I can leave town with a free conscience. But all the while, I'm mildly distracted by the notion that by next week, none of this is going to matter to me. At least not for a while!

I'll be in Australia for a month (we always go for a month. I realize it sounds decadent, but you have to travel ~30 hours all up to get from San Diego to Perth, and I have about three days of jet lag after we arrive, so that's more than 4 days gone right there. That said, I'm lucky to get enough vacation to do this). I will probably read blogs a little bit while I'm there, but it'll be over a shared dialup connection, so very very slow. Please forgive me if I don't comment on your blogs as often as I usually do. I will return May 28 :-)

I think I might actually finish Bristow in time for the trip. I was having trouble with the seams; I do love mattress stitch, but lining it up isn't always as easy as books would have you believe, and the black yarn was stymieing (argh. I cannot spell that. Current tense of 'stymied'?) me. So I came up with a trick — mark all the increases and decreases with yarn, so I can see short distances to the next line-up goal. It works!

I finished both arms, realizing as I was nearly done with the right arm that I had reversed most of the k2tog vs ssks on the edges. Oops. But I am not ripping. If you look closely, you can probably see the difference, but I think it's tough enough to notice on the black yarn that I'm not going to bother. I want this sweater done!

Current status: both arms seamed. Left front sewn to the back. One arm is half set in. Nearly done with the knitting of the right front. Then it's just finish setting in front, arms, and knit up the button bands and collar. I will make it!


Earin Marybird said...

Have a wonderful time in Australia. I will miss your blogging and your nice comments. No one is going to notice black and black. Good decision! I somehow managed to do the last couple of inches on the hot pink tart on size 4's when the rest was done on size 3's. Don't ask me how...but heck, I can hardly tell so I can live with it.

Emma said...

Have a great trip. It sounds wonderful--except for the dialup internet connection, that is!

Anonymous said...

Have a great vacation! A month aways sounds wonderful.

I like how you mark your rows before seaming; I think I'm going to do that from now on.

Crafting Jen said...

Great work on the sweater, Valerie. Love the trick of marking the line-up points.

I envy you being able to go off for so long. A month actually gives you a chance to feel comfortable where you're going to, and a little time to enjoy that feeling before you have to come back.

Have a great time in Australia, you lucky sheila you!

Laura B said...

You are so clever! Seriously clever.

Hope you have a great trip Australia!

Kelly said...

It's okay if I don't hear from you in a month. Go on vacation and relax with your family. Bristow is also looking very nice. I think you can finish by this Saturday you don't block anything.

Rosminah said...

Yay, Perth! I hope you have a great trip.