Thursday, April 12, 2007


Rob and I spent four hours last night (in addition to three hours already spent on this) figuring out — because, natch, the evil TurboTax does NOT help with this part — that we owe $40 in penalties on our taxes. I think we finally finished our taxes around midnight-thirty.

Right before we started on this delightful task, I had discovered that the Universe Wants Me to Fix The Sweater Arm. I'd missed a couple increases as I went along, on the left side only, towards the end of the increases. So I need to rip (about 1/4 to 1/3 of the arm), and while I'm fixing it, I might as well increase faster (every 4 rows instead of every 6) and end up with a shorter arm. (Well, and then I'd better remember to do the other one the same way.)

I was not fool enough to try to set up for the rip in the middle of the night.

But then I got a great birthday gift from the generous (and witty) April: a gift certificate for, enough for a sweater!

I am no fool.
I spent it immediately.
I feel much better.

20 skeins of Elann Quechua (65% alpaca, 35% Tencel) in Vicuña. I realize it seems plain, but I have three worn-out cardigans in this color and I wear a cardigan every darned day.

Plus with the Tencel it'll have a sheen like no one's business.

Ahhhhhh. Thank you, April.


Jen said...

Nice going,April! That sounds like wonderful yarn!

And I don't remember if I've said "Happy Birthday" yet, but I figure too often is better than not at all. So,


Earin Marybird said...

It doesn't look plain to me. It's gorgeous. If it's your color then that is that! And the roses in your last entry - wow!

Laura B said...

I love colors like that... I was actually looking at that yarn today... can't wait to see how you like it!