Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ahhh... socky gratification.

I am really trying to ignore the pasty whiteness of my sun-starved legs ...

...and concentrate instead on the greeny goodness of Sundara Yarn sock heaven.

Mm, socks.

Final stats:
Used: Much of 2 hanks of Sundara Yarn in Seaweed colorway.
Pattern: Cascading Leaves from Townsend Socks Knitalong.
Needles: Size 1, 8" Inox dpns from Two Swans Yarn (great service!). Why 8"? I dunno... 5" make me nervous still.


Elinoire said...

Now that you've mastered socks, maybe you should move on to this:

Another pic:

colleen said...

they are beautiful in all their emerald-hued glory!

(and the penguins are way too cute! although I'm not sure any moving on is necessary, as both critters look like they could use a nice pair of socks...)

Anonymous said...

That variegated yarn is lovely. Pretty soon all your friends will be placing orders for socks!

Aime :)