Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Even the great and miraculous beauty of CAKE — and your kind comments about sock #1 — cannot prevent vast stupidity.

Er. Or booboos:
Yep. 5 rows of stockinette short in that toe, there. (I know it looks shrimpier overall, but that's just blocking.)

Normally I mark off my rows with hashmarks |||| . For some reason on this toe, on the sticky note for sock #1, I'd written ST 5 ||||\ (you have to imagine that last \ going through the ||s). Apparently what I meant was "5+||||\", or 10.

Dur. And of course I didn't try the sock on until AFTER I wove the ends in.

I wove them in so beautifully that when I finished this sock, late last night while watching The Bourne Identity, I was unable to find the tail to frog it back to the beginning of the round toe so I could add the 5 ST rows. I'll try again tonight with a little less sleepiness!


Emma said...

The socks look great otherwise. And at least you have a repair plan. Good luck!

colleen said...

Whoa, you knitted a chimpanzee! You have to show me the pattern!

Oh wait...