Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Third set of socks in process...

Actually I have a few sets of socks started (one frogged so many times it could start its own amphibian institute), but this one is the bestest and getting close to done. Here is sock #1:
It's Sundara Yarn's fabulous, mind-blowingly great sock yarn in "Seaweed," using as a pattern Townsend's Cascading Leaves, with Nancy Bush's Round Toe. I am so in love with this sock. You can't buy this colorway anymore, but go see Sundara's latest. She is a color genius and her yarn is the best, just the best.

Here's another picture without flash, in late-afternoon light, to try to show off the color:

I've just turned the heel on sock #2, so I'm on the home stretch!


colleen said...

I would totally send my frog to study at your institute!

(especially if you knitted it some socks!)

Catherine Kerth said...

wonderful! i am in the home strtch on my cascading leaves socks too!

Emma said...

The socks look great--great color, and I love the toe. I just finished my own cascading leaves, and I loved the pattern.