Wednesday, April 19, 2006


What it has in its pocketses are...


(a wooden swift)

... and THIS

(a ball winder)

Sorry about the blurry pictures. It was kind of early this morning when I took them and I wasn't very clear myself!

I am very excited! I've wanted these for a while, because winding balls by hand from a hank of yarn is tiring, and, worse, I tend to wind balls that tangle up right when you're 2" from the end of a pair of socks. And then (after hours of tearing your hear out trying to untangle), you have to cut the yarn, untangle a few yards, and reconnect. UGH. So I really wanted to make some nice balls of yarn. And my Bubby gave me birthday money! Yahoo, I got to get my swift and ball winder!!

But when you make balls of yarn with a ball winder, you don't call them balls. You call them...


These yummy cakes are made of Manos del Uruguay in the Wildflowers colorway (ahhhhhhh it is so beautiful!) and Lorna's Laces in Watercolor. The cake on the cakemaker, I mean ball winder, is Lorna's Laces in Sand Ridge.

Mmm, cake. Thanks Bubby!

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