Monday, April 24, 2006

Just a leetle progress...

Remember how I said "this sock is gonna go slow"? Yeah, right.

So I cast on for Sixth Sense on Thursday night. Friday evening, I accomplished a lot:

Saturday I knit a bit during the day between chores, and then again in the evening, and got to here:

Sunday I knit a little in the morning, and then Rob went to Mammoth to ski (lucky bastard), and then I knit a bunch in the evening when my friend Christine came over for a bachelorette night:

Now I really have a dilemma.
I can pull on these socks, now. They would, in fact, probably fit my mother. I think. They are a little snug, but not uncomfortably so.
But I'm not sure my mother would really like them or the way they fit.
Mind you, I'm not sure Pat would either. She liked my green ones. These are way different.
Do I finish them at size 7 and give them to Pat (or at least ask her if she wants 'em)? Pat's not in the country right now.
Do I see if my friend Karen likes them and, if she does, finish them for her (also a smaller size, maybe 7.5)?
Do I finish them for my mom at size 9.5?
They're too narrow to fit most of my friends who wear larger sizes, though they could maybe fit Colleen if made long enough, because they're narrow. Do I see if Colleen likes them and finish them for her?

I don't want them myself. I like the yarn better on the spool, I think, plus I think I am more a single-color-sock-kinda-gal. Other friends of mine might feel that way too.

Socky dilemma.

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