Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fraternal twins!

Well, one way to deal with the who's-this-sock-for problem is to stop working on one and start the other. After 52 rows of 'foot', I transferred sock #1 to some other size-0 dpns (my Susan Bates ones that I don't like so much, just so they had somewhere to sit) and started sock #2 on my Inoxes (Inoxi?).

Even though I attempted to start sock #2 at the same color point on the repeat, I guess there is more than one place where gold goes into magenta, because these are clearly going to be fraternal socks:

I don't think anyone's going to notice the color alignment differences with these except me, though. It's not like an intentionally self-striping sock, where the difference in start point kind of glares out at you.

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