Friday, July 07, 2006

Developing a Fixation...

Well, given that I have to stop work on the Sockottas soon.. that's my excuse..

I got that lovely Cascade Fixation yarn from my secret pal, but I was afraid to work on it. It felt strange and I thought, I'm going to mess this up -- stretch it too much or not enough -- or something. I don't want to waste it!

Then I remembered I had a single skein of Fixation in my stash, bought on deStash (love that place). Aha, I thought -- something to practice on.

So I was naughty, and, despite all my other WIPs, cast on trek's "Little Rune" socks for Carson (probably won't fit her for a few years).

Mmm. I like this yarn. I think it's easy to work with and I may cast on for my own sockies with my SP yarn after I finish these.


Earin Marybird said...

Cascade is lovely stuff and yours is such a beautiful color. I don't think you can really strech it out of shape but practice is *good*. My first sock (actually my second - my first was done with the most complicated, odd pattern that drove me to tears) was done with Cascade. Being a novice knitter I didn't bother with gauge and the sock turned out huge. I swore off of making socks but I've recanted! I keep eyeballing what I have left and wondering if I couldn't squeeze out just one little pair. Enjoy!

Zarzuela said...

I felt the same way about fixation when I first tried it and I've grown to love it! I may be starting a pair in that yarn myself real soon. :)