Friday, July 14, 2006

Kitchener is still a challenge.

I still have to get out my copy of Knitting for Dummies (really, it's a good book) and turn to page 261-2 to do kitchener stitch. But I'm getting a little better at it.

I learned a couple things this morning:
1. Kitchenering with Cascade Fixation is extra-hard. The yarn sticks to itself and coils around every needle you don't want it to coil around.
2. Bent-tip Chibi, while good for many things, do not shine at kitchenering Cascade Fixation.
3. My tension was a little looser on sock #2 than on sock #1, so they are distinctly fraternal, and one is very slightly larger than the other. But not enough that I would do it over.

However, I have completed -- though not yet washed and blocked -- these Little Rune socks. First socks of Summer of Socks! And they only count for 1/2 a point...

Oh well. I'm just getting warmed up!


Zarzuela said...

Very cute! Love the colors. :)


Earin Marybird said...

They are very nice! I had a lot of the same problems with Cascade. Still, I liked it enough to use again somewhere down the line.

I think the Kitchener is a lifetime learning project. Maybe the Yarn Harlot and Danceswithwool have it down. I certainly sweat over mine.