Friday, July 07, 2006

Other Secret Pal Strikes Again!

Wow, she wasn't kidding about more goodies on the way. What a rocker Secret Pal! Check it out:

The little rubber T-shirts are for holding clusters of DPNs -- they even come with stickers so you can write the size on them. Too silly.

Then there are special pins for using with hand-knits (I suppose this means it's time to tackle a sweater!!), some stationery with friendly comments on each page, two postcards, and lots of nice tea.

The clear plastic thing is one of those cool zipper bags that keeps your yarn clean while you work. This means I can take my knitting safely into questionable places*. Though I figured out pretty quickly that you can't transfer things into it mid-project -- duh. The picture here is sideways for some reason (it's not on my screen), but you can probably get the idea.

* -- Now don't get all disgusting on me here! I promise I will NOT KNIT IN PUBLIC RESTROOMS, for example.

(Meanwhile, my Secret Pal 8 is in England on vacation and has been sending me emails and a cool postcard so I would know I wasn't forgotten.

They are both obviously Very Nice People who know I've been having a challenging few weeks. Thank you :-) )

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Elinoire said...

My first thought when I saw the plastic bag was, "Hey, this might even keep Mirabelle's fur off yarn!" Except it probably wouldn't. I think Mirabelle has special magic extra sticky fur.

I sure wish she had picked something else for her superpower. Though I suppose I should be grateful she isn't teleporting live finches into the house, or something even worse.